Market relations, being firmly introduced into our state economy, considerably change approaches to economic security of our country in general and business undertakings as component elements of our economy private sector.
Non-governmental structures activity practice constantly witnesses of their higher, compared to governmental ones, vulnerability not only to criminal structures and unfair competitors, but also to state bureaucratic personnel. It should be mentioned that further strengthening of mafia structures takes place. These structures are well technically equipped  and have skillful personnel. This fact presupposes criminal groups drawing in the process, industrial espionage activation, as well as strengthening economic diversion activities and operations, which don't exclude force methods, such as racket, extortion, blackmail, encroachment on property, theft or damage of  different kinds of property, including intellectual one, threat and encroachment on leaders' life and health.
Crimes against person took place in all the times all over the world. Moreover, it's necessary to remember, that business activities specificity is has been always connected with risks. Taking into account law and order organs incapability to protect life, health and property of citizens, businessmen are forced to take security measures themselves. One of them - oligarchs - take bodyguards, create their personal security services, other ones - middle class representatives - survive with help of their own forces and skills.
The term "security" is interpreted as the state of being protected from external and internal threats. Consequently, the goal of guaranteeing business activities security will be complex and systematic influence upon potential and real threats, that will allow businessman to successfully function in unstable external and internal conditions as well as reducing and neutralization of factors, which directly influence both business activities and their specificity.
Making a decision about information security will require certain questions resolution by the information owner. Questions will actually be the following:  determination of general requirements to information and personal security level, determination of basic security means, which will  be able to guarantee reaching of the necessary confidentiality and security level. Information owner should take into account that arsenal of means, used by ill-wishers, is quite various: equipment for tapping and acoustic information registration with the use of microphones, electronic stethoscopes, radio-microphones and tape-recording equipment, as well as using of snipers, direct attack with cold steel or fire-arms, using of explosive devices or poison gas, putting radioactive into the office or a car of a businessman, using of biological or psychotropic weapon.
Necessity of control of the situation and counteraction to illegal actions of competitors, mafia or corrupted structures,  requires to create a security service at an enterprise or to draw in a competent specialist , which is able to guarantee complex protection. In the whole, general preparation of enterprises' , companies'  and banks'  leaders is absolutely necessary. The ability of self-protection  is the necessary condition of personal security.
Due to the lack of skillful personnel for security services, Dnepropetrovsk Mining Academy together with the company " Special Protection Sistems" under the patronage of Dnepropetrovsk charity and human rights protection fund " Against crime and illegality" conducts courses of raising a professional skill level of  enterprises' and companies' leaders.
In the conclusion, it's necessary to stress that the current situation in the Ukrainian internal market is aggravated by activation of foreign special services, information services of foreign banks and corporations , which pay much attention to industrial and economic espionage. This fact may be conductive to strategically important information accumulation for taking control of  the situation in the Ukraine, including the infrastructure stability  influence. Thus, security specialists, which directly protect the Ukrainian business structures' interests, become experts of of  special importance. It's necessary to remember, that security must be complex and complete and it's worth paying for. Otherwise, the security will be imaginary and it's even more dangerous than absolute ignorance of  real situation.   © All rights reserved 2006-2013